We offer a variety of lessons for German Shepherd dogs and owners ranging from beginner to expert. From pups to adults and IPO to protection, RoseHaven Kennel’s award winning trainers possess the skills and knowledge you and your family can trust.

Private Programs

Training Programs

  • Try it out Program $60
    • Want to get your feet wet on how to train your dog?  Not sure what direction to take?  Then let’s take a small step with a single private lesson to see where the two of you are at and where you would like to go.
        • Single private session.
        • Held at Instructor’s location.
        • Covers 1 behavior issue.
        • Consultation on training plan.
          • Price of single lesson will be deducted from the price of a larger program as long as you sign up within a two weeks of lesson.
  • Great Manners! Program $300
    • Imagine your dog being an absolute joy to be around.  Your friends and family telling you that your dogs is the most well behaved dog ever.  Imagine your dog listening to you every time.  Not jumping on anyone, always walking right next to you during walks, not chewing or barking like crazy…This is what we do-yes, even for your dog.
        • 6 Private Lessons.
        • Held at Instructor’s location.
        • Covers two behavior issues.
        • Help with developing training plan.
        • Canine behavior and management taught.
        • On lead obedience skills with 7 commands taught.
        • Prepare and test for the Canine Good Citizen’s Test.
        • 3 month on line support and access to RHK’s Training Group.
        • Boarding available
          • A great value that works out to $50 per lesson.
  • Nicely trained! Program $480
    • Wouldn’t you love to have someone exclaim on how well trained your dog is?  Wouldn’t you like to earn the coveted Canine Good Citizens award for having a nicely trained dog?  Imagine your dog having the trust in you to be obedient to you in very distracting situations. Coming to you immediately on one command, heeling beside you with focus on you rather than the cat.  Being able to put him on a down stay while having a conversation with the delivery man and not worry about him running to go bark at the neighbor’s dog.  Yes, we can do this for you and you can have this.
        • 12 Private Lessons, 11 at Freedom park, 1 in home. (No fuel & time surcharge if within 270 surrounding Columbus.)
        • Covers 3 behavior issues.
        • Help with developing a training plan.
        • Dog behavior and management taught.
        • On lead obedience skills with 7 commands taught
        • Off lead obedience skills started.
        • Prepare and test for the Canine Good Citizen’s Test and the advanced Canine Good Citizen’s test.
        • 6 month on line support and access to RHK’s Training group.
        • Boarding available.
          • A nice value that works out to $40 per lesson.
  • Dream Dog! Program $1500
    • Have you ever dreamed of owning a dog that listens to you off lead no matter the distraction?  Dreamed of having a dog that can do things like find your lost keys, help protect your house and go different places with you?  Imagine your buddy retrieving your wallet you dropped getting out of your car or taking bottle of soda from you and delivering it to your wife.  Or how about the peace of mind of having your own well-mannered body guard that is welcome to go where you go.  Yes, this is possible, this is what we do.
        • 50 private lessons.  A year’s worth of private instruction!
        • 3 of those lessons at home.
        • Help with developing and management of a training plan and goals.
        • Unlimited behavior issues
        • On and off lead training.
        • Preparation and testing for both the Canine Good Citizen’s test and the Advanced Canine Good Citizen’s test.
        • Preparation for earning the United Schutzhund Clubs of America’s BH obedience and temperament test and title.
        • 1 fun activity included, like tracking, retrieve, agility or personal protection dependent on the dogs genetics and capabilities.
        • Off hours phone and text support from instructor.
        • Private online group with the instructor.
        • On line support and unlimited access to RHK’s Training Group.
        • Boarding available
          • A dream value that works out to $30 per lesson!

Family Protection Dogs

What Makes a Good Family Companion?

At RoseHaven Kennel, we offer highly trained family protection dogs from our bloodlines as well as training for both handler and dog. We occasionally offer training to dogs outside of our bloodlines, as long as they meet our evaluation standards. We have decades of experience with Schutzhund, IPO, military, police, search & rescue and family protection dogs and are confident that we can help develop the right training program for you and your family’s K9 companion. Our training solutions develop personal and family protection dogs for any lifestyle and will empower your K9 companion to deliver a reliable feeling of security.

If you’re ready to experience what life is like with a ready and able protection dog, or if you just want to talk more about the possibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help! However, please keep in mind that not every dog can be a protection dog and not every owner is cut out to handle a protection dog. Make sure to consider the commitment and potential risks prior to making your decision.