Project Description

medium size, large bone
OFA Hips & Elbows-pending

Czech line on Tom z Pohranicni straze & West German Show Line on Wienerau
In training for IPO/Sch1-3

Zara is a balanced, medium sized, strong nerved and kind female who is wonderful companion.  She is very bright and doing well in training for her BH and IPO 1.   A very clear headed, stable female who does well in any environment.   A very natural tracker with a nice relaxed pace and intense nose.  Her focus on obedience is coming along nicely and it does not take long for her to learn something new and she remembers well.  Her bark & hold is strong and she is already showing a nice balance between prey and defense.  Her bite work grips are strong and full and she works with intensity.  We are showing her conformation as well as IPO and look forward to how she trials in both.  In the house she is very well mannered and polite.  Respects the house rules without question.  Without question she is going to become an excellent family companion and protection dog.  We have no problem keeping this special girl for ourselves and part of our breeding program.