As responsible breeders, we realize that we are taking the future of this noble breed into our hands and take this fact very seriously. We are bringing puppies into this world that would not otherwise have been born, and therefore are responsible for the quality of their life. Every litter we produce will affect the breed as a whole, and each litter is carefully planned to improve upon the last.

Appropriate health screenings are performed by our Veterinarian and other specialists, before any dog or bitch is bred.

All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and registered names chosen by RHK. We are members in good standing with the American Kennel Club and United Schutzhund Clubs of America.


Deposits are considered payments.  RHK does not provide cash refunds.  Payments may be transferred to another litter or training classes.  A pup is reserved prior to whelp once payment for the pup is received and the RHK Pre Choice Agreement is completed and signed.  Reservations are on a first payment received basis.  Once pups are older than 10 weeks, they are micro chipped, have completed their 2nd vet visit then we start the selection process and match them to the new owners who have paid.  Once the match has been selected then the RHK Transfer of Ownership is filled out and signed.


There is no difference in prices between types, color or sex or working ability of dogs selected.  Prices are determined by the size of the litter and how long the pup or dog has been in training.

Pet Quality/Working Potential

If a puppy buyer requests a puppy for a specific performance venue, such as Schutzhund, Protection, Police Service, Search and Rescue, Ring Sport, Agility, and obedience, RHK will evaluate a pup for a predisposition to compete in that venue.  It is important to note that all puppies, whether pet or working will be athletic, intelligent, and possess an excellent work ethic.  This is not a guarantee; we are using our experience to help choose the best prospect for the work desired.  We have and continue to raise pups to adult hood for ourselves, established clients and to sell as adults so we have a very good idea of what we produce.

Breeding Rights

All pet puppies will be sold with limited registration. Full registration can be obtained at no additional charge outside of AKC fees upon the pup obtaining 2 years of age, appropriate health screenings (OFA passing Hips, Elbows, ect.) and at least one working title such as, but not limited to, IPO/Schutzhund title, Search and Rescue certificate, therapy certificate, etc even a Canine Good Citizen’s test.  If you have specific questions, please contact us. For more information regarding limited registration, please refer to AKC Limited Registration.  If you are looking to breed eventually please let us know during the selection process.  We do not charge people more money because they want to breed.  Our prices are determined by the litter size and cost in producing that litter.

RHK strongly encourages their new puppy owners to get involved with dog sports and activities. RHK can assist you in finding a working dog club in your area.


We get a lot of questions about how we determine which GSD puppy goes to which home. Often people want to select their own puppy.  Perhaps, they believe they should feel an instant bond or click with a particular pup.  Sometimes they want to make sure they get the most dominant puppy or perhaps the quietest. Ultimately, they feel that they have specific things that they want.  These feelings are all understandable.  However, when someone comes to see our GSD puppies they only see a snap shot of the pup.

As the breeder, we live with these pups every day.  The puppies are born in our bedroom (for some reason 2 am is a favorite whelping time).  We spend many hours with them every day and as a result, no one knows the puppies better than my husband and I.  Only experienced trainers and breeders in the protection/IPO sports have the knowledge to adequately assess a litter of working GSDs.  Often, the most outgoing GSD puppy of our litter is far too much for the average owner to handle.   The calmest GSD pup of our litter often has more drive than the most energetic pup from a conformation bred or pet bred litter.  If you have other pets and or you are a laid back type of personality, then a very dominant puppy may not be the best selection for you.   We want the pup to fit in its new home.  We also want to make sure that the new owner can handle the puppy.  It’s also very important to us that the pup grows into a dog that can do the work the owner desired.

It is important that we know as much about your dog experience and home situation as possible.  We also need to know what preferences you have in a GSD.  Please, do not try to tell us what you think we want to hear.  We need an honest assessment of who you are and your capabilities as a handler/owner to match the correct pup for you.  We are not “judging you” we are trying to determine the personality that is going to fit for you.  As the puppies grow, we begin to get an idea of their personalities and we start thinking about the homes we have available and which puppy will fit best in each home.  At 7-8 weeks old pups are evaluated.  They are taken to locations they have never been and evaluated by someone they don’t know.  This is our IPO/Schutzhund club Gigglebox Hundesport and our vet at Pet Health Plus who is also a member of our club.  They continue to come to club and of course the vet’s until leaving for their new home.  We test for natural retrieving ability, pack drive, pain tolerance, grips, prey drive, noise tolerance, dominance behavior, energy level, compliance, resilience, obstacle navigation, general security and presence. We take all of this information (including past observations) into consideration when determining what home each puppy will have.  If it comes down to more than one suitable puppy, then we will allow the new owner to select from those puppies. If we do not have a GSD puppy that we believe will fit into your home or that can do the work you intended for it then we will transfer your payment to another litter, towards an older trained dog or towards private training lessons.

Experienced Schutzhund and SAR handlers:  We realize that experienced handlers have very specific traits they are looking for in a GSD and often look for a certain type of puppy that fits well with their particular training style.  These experienced handlers are welcome to come and test/observe the puppies and we will assist you in your puppy or dog selection.  Both my husband and I have our IPO Helper Books & Memberships from the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, have been FEMA Certified, have trained and titled current IPO competition dogs, personal protection dogs and assistance dogs.

RHK reserves the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable. Yes we do say no to people.


Did you know that puppies learn more about the world around them between the ages of 3 to 16 weeks than any other time in their lives? This is known as the Critical Socialization and Learning Window. The window begins to close after 12 weeks of age. This is one of the reasons we do not allow a pup to leave before they at least 8 weeks of age.  The other two reasons are vaccinations and it is against Ohio Code to allow a pup less than 8 weeks of age to leave the breeder.  Once they reach maturity, it is much more difficult to socialize them to new experiences or fix problems such as fear and aggression that may arise from socialization gaps or bad first learning experiences during their puppyhood.

RHK feel that this early socialization time is crucial for development of a superb temperament. We utilize a broad socialization process. Before your puppy is sent home, he or she will have been exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, surfaces, and stimulations. Puppies are handled constantly from birth. Early socialization techniques begin at 3 days of age. They will have been introduced to different surfaces, stairs, car rides, cats (we have a very good kennel cat named Dexter), been bathed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, handled on a table and examined, heard music, tv, Godzilla movies, vacuum cleaner, tested for gun shyness, dropped pans, children, and started house training and basic manners.  All puppies are given equal time and attention whether they are show or pet quality. We carefully rear our puppies in an enriched environment. Our goal is for them to become well adjusted adults.  We treat each pup as if they are our next sport prospect and new addition to our family.  It’s entirely possible that one of them may become a permanent addition to RHK.

Going Home

Each RHK puppy has vaccines up to date as well as parasite control, a microchip and a health check prior to leaving for their new homes. In addition, each puppy will come with a written health guarantee. No puppy will leave before 8 weeks of age or without a signed Transfer of Ownership, handling lesson, and reference check.

Each RHK puppy goes to its new home with:

AKC Certificate or AKC Certificate in process

4 Generation Pedigree or link to online pedigree

Guarantee/Transfer of Ownership Document


Health Certificate/Vet Exam & Vaccination record

1 Training, Handling and Management Lesson

Lifetime Breeder Support



 If You Can Not Keep Your RHK Dog

If you decide at any time that you cannot keep your RHK Dog, we will always take back our dogs. We will assist in arranging transportation. If you decide to sell or place the RHK Dog at any time, RHK must be contacted and be given the first opportunity to take back and or re home the dog.   We will not be angry with you, we understand that situations change and want to help.  Most importantly, these dogs and puppies have a special place in our hearts so we want to keep track of them for their entire life. We enjoy getting pictures and updates from our extended family.